Sag eligible



Destiny is Judd Nelson - Woman - New York Fringe Festival - Olivia Hartle

The Wonderful Remix of Oz - Lion - Haberdasher Theatre - Hollie Klem

Fuel - Laura Bush - Midtown International - Terrence Montgomery

Adam of the Apes - Girl Chimp #3 - Haberdasher Theatre - Joshua Feder

Mr. Hirsch Died Yesterday - Freda - The Castillo Theatre - Woodie King, Jr.

The Day That Changed My Life - Dr. Felix - Solutions Productions - Albert Aldrich

The Maderati - Charlotte - Haberdasher Theatre - Hollie Klem

Lost - Rita - Haberdasher Theatre-  Patrick Scherrer

The Suicide - Deacon/Gypsy - Atlantic Theatre School - Meredith McDonough

Measure for Measure - Mariana - Metamorphoses Company - Meagan Shimizu

Anticipation - Franny - Atlantic Theatre School - Ali Ayala


Finding Huey (Short) - Tracey - Tamperclean Films - Patrick McErlean

ARMS (Industrial) - MJ - Planned Parenthood - Scott Whitney

Jane Wants a Boyfriend (Feature) - Peaseblossom - Copperline Creative - William Sullivan

Bullycam (Feature) - Lisa - TimeLine Media - Brian Sizensky

FML Speed Dating (Short) - Hard Woman - Ryan Metcalf - Steven Schmidt

Bad Wraps (Animated Short) - Pineapples - SVA - Zack Williams

Alice in Wonderland (Short) - Alice - NYU - Jeffrey Hamilton


Pillow Talk with Lindsay - Manhattan Neighborhood Network - Ronnie Simon

Blueshirt Buzz - New York Rangers - Greg Oliver

Extreme Art Television - Manhattan Neighborhood Network - Ronnie Simon

Unique Art Awards - Society of Unique Artists - Ronnie Simon


Upright Citizens Brigade (Accepted into Advanced Study Improv)

Tisch School of the Arts at New York University

Atlantic Theatre School and Summer Program in Vermont:

- Acting Kristen Johnston/Scott Ziegler/Kathryn Alexander

- Committed Impulse Josh Pais/Maggie Kiley

- Commercials/Film Paul Urcioli

- Shakespeare Charles Tuthill

- Chekhov Anya Saffir

- Suzuki/Viewpoints Kelly Maurer

- Movement Renee Redding Jones/George Russell

- Voice and Speech Katie Bull/David Wells/Susan Finch/Charley Layton/Katie Honaker

New York University Tisch Performance Workshop in Ghana

Theatre Arts Institute at Northwestern University - “Cherubs”


Badminton, Ice-skating, Improv, Rollerblading, Swimming, Florida Driver’s License, Valid Passport, Various Accents